Learning Reinforcement using QBoost

QBoost, based on extensive research, delivers a cloud-based, mobile first, real-time, learning system for continuous reinforcement and retention of knowledge to enhance sales team performance. It uses a powerful adaptive question and answer system, pushed to a mobile device or PC, which is proven to increase retention by up to 170%.

Most learning and training is forgotten within three months and QBoost solves this problem. It takes just three minutes a day, Sales people find it fun and the automatically generated real time leader boards provide a gamified competitive element to the learning.

QBoost also provides sales management dashboards and insights on user performance, providing actionable intelligence based on trends over time, identifying areas of weak knowledge or differences in learning between teams. In addition it prompts managers with coaching tips to address specific gaps in individual sales person’s knowledge and engagement.

QBoost is available ready to use now with Sales Motivations blended learning, and we can quickly create build a customised reinforcment packages to enhance  any learning or training program.

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Qboost is powered by QStream


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