Sales Coaching for high sales performance

Sales Coaching is a highly effective approach to developing sales people and sales managers.

Sales Coaching involves helping sales people in defining their goals, mapping out a strategy for their accomplishment and then providing regular guidance, encouragement and feedback, to ensure sales success. We often use cognitive behavioural coaching as an approach as it is a very practical and proactive approach that can be used to address specific sales challenges such as call reluctance, stretching targets, cold calling and account development.

Sales Coaching Support Portal  

We provide a sophisticated Coaching Support Portal that streamlines the whole process, saving time, effort and administration, whilst providing metrics and analytics to monitor progress. If you are using the Sales Motivations development programs we provide the Coaching Support Portal pre-populated with all the resources to match the programs.

We can train and enable your internal coaches or we can use our own use trained and qualified coaches with a wide range of experience. You can choose to have the coaching on an individual or team basis, face to face, by phone or over a video link, fitting in with how you work best.

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