Psychological & Behavioural Assessment

When recruiting, selecting or developing sales people and sales leaders, using evidence based psychological and behavioural assessments leads to better decisions being made, greater return on investment from development activities, higher sales performance and lower staff turnover.

Our consultants are trained, accredited and experienced in using a wide variety of assessment and profiling tools and will select the best fit in each case.

The tools that we frequently use include;

Sales Motivation and Resilience Quiz - SMRQ

This is the only tool available that assesses sales person’s current levels of Motivation, Resilience, and ability to cope with Pressure from one short questionnaire. It provides a 6 page report with graphical dashboards for the users and is often used as the first stage in our Blended Learning development programs.   


This is the world’s most extensive system that measures work related strengths – characteristics that energise people, helping them to perform at their best, as well as critical performance risks, including weaker areas and overdone strengths, and how to deal more positively with these.

Sales Preference Questionnaire SPQ* Gold®

This sales behavioural profiling tool is used to assess the presence, predisposition, and degree of the twelve types of sales call reluctance® which relate to various types of discomfort that sales people often have. When used for sales staff selection it dramatically boosts the success rate and is used to provide assessment-based support for training and development.

Sales High Performance Management & Leadership Framework

This tool is used to assess and develop current and future managers and leaders. It is used to assess and develop the 12 crucial behaviours that great leaders display and has been researched and developed for over 20 years making it one of the most validated and effective leadership tools available.

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