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  1. What is Cognitive Behavioural Coaching ?

  2. What is Computerised Coaching ?

  3. How does this program work ?

  4. What results can I expect ?

  5. How long does it take ?

What is Cognitive Behavioural Coaching ?

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is a proven coaching technique that focuses on the relationships between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It helps people to analyse what they are thinking and feeling in challenging situations, then to experiment with different thoughts and behaviours to bring about more helpful outcomes. It is highly action orientated and incorporates assignments that participants set them selves to challenge and replace unhelpful thinking habits.

What is Computerised Coaching ?

With this approach, the computer program guides the participant through their own individual coaching sessions, at a time of their choosing, at their own pace, in an engaging, entertaining, interactive way, at each step driven by and based on the participant input.
It is delivered in 'bite-sized' chunks that take forty to sixty minutes to complete, containing videos, quizzes, and interactive material interspersed with exercises for the participant to complete and report back on at the following session. It can also be delivered through a corporate 'Learning Management System' as part of an integrated learning and development strategy.

How does this program work ?

The program is presented as a series of interactive sessions, demonstrations and assignments incorporating video of different sales characters whose stories are followed throughout the program. There is Kate, new to telesales and so far pretty useless at it, Ben, an Entrepreneur who has just started up an Industrial Design company and was hoping that clients would come rushing to him (but they aren't) and John, who used to be the star of the sales team but has missed his target badly and might be heading for a mid-life crisis.

Several highly effective advanced behavioural techniques are utilised, including thought diaries when faced with challenging situations, generating alternative psychological strategies, identifying and replacing unhelpful thinking patterns and habits, incremental behavioural planning and goal-setting, graded task assignments and behaviour scheduling. There are even some rats, pigs and ants involved, but you will to watch the free introduction to find out more about them !

Crucially all assignments are designed to integrate into the users normal working activities so that new habits quickly become second nature.

Participants are also provided with their own fifty page  'Blueprint for Success' which is both their workbook for the program as well as a reference resource when completed.


What results can I expect ?

Trials of the program material, using cognitive behavioural coaching, which is the basis of the Sales-Motivations approach, have been carried out with 166 salespeople within a large major UK insurance corporation by psychologist Dr Judy Proudfoot, Assistant Professor at the University of New South Wales.

Throughout the trial there was detailed measurement and monitoring of results using a carefully designed experimental methodology, which showed that participants ;

* achieved a 20% improvement in the proportion of salespeople 'on target'
* achieved a 27% reduction in the proportion that showed signs of stress.
* experienced a rate of resignations reduced by a factor of three.
* all felt very positive about the program.


How long does it take ?

Each module takes around forty to sixty minutes to complete (but this can be done at different times as the program remembers where you have got to) and there are a total of six  modules.

The time-frame around working through the program will vary from person to person, but  allow at least six weeks to work through the material to start with.  You then continue to use it to reinforce the material and new ways of thinking for as long as your subscription lasts. It can also be reviewed at any time to reinforce previous material before moving forwards.

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